Top Common Mistakes In Golf To Avoid For Beginners (Part 2)

In the first article, I have explained 3 mistakes among the most common mistake you might see people, especially beginners, making. They include buying very expensive equipment that you will not need for your beginning level, having no warm-up exercise before you start playing on the course and failing to show confidence. These mistakes can not only affect your overall performance but also affect you financially.
It is very important to have a better understanding of what these mistakes are in order to prevent them from happening and fix them as soon as possible.… Read more

Top Common Mistakes In Golf To Avoid For Beginners (Part 1)

Golf is one of the most popular sports in American with people from a wide range of ages taking part in the sport every year. When you go to a golf course, it is also very easy to find many people with different levels and skills as well.
When you have just started playing golf, there are a lot of things to learn including how to do the right swing and right put. And it is also very easy to make mistakes as well.
Having mistakes is very common in any kind of sport and golf is of no exception, especially when you do not attend many classes in golf. There are many mistakes we may not notice for now but in the long run, it will affect your performance as well as your ability to improve in the game.
Therefore, it is very important that you can know what the mistakes are right before you start to prevent it from happening to you. In addition, you should also know about these mistakes to fix them as soon as possible.
Here are the most common mistakes that you are likely to make when you are a beginner:Read more

Basic Steps To Clean And Care Golf Shoes

To know how to clean golf shoes, you should consider which material that the shoes made from. The shoes could be divided into two different parts: the outsole and the upper part. Some materials become dirty quickly and some do not. Leather and synthetic material are the materials that most golf shoes made from. They are easily covered in dirt. Some basic steps about how to clean golf shoes-cleaning and care will be shown in this article. Also, the article gives you some methods to clean and care your shoes.


The first part will show you how to clean golf shoes from the upper part of the outsole. You could mix soap and towel together and prepare a towel to clean.

Moreover, some tips on how to remove the scuff will be provided in the second part. You have to give your shoes a good polish. The color of polish ought to be exactly the same as that of shoes.

Finally, this article will tell you some steps to clean the outsole of golf shoes. Like the upper part, you should mix water and soap together. In addition, the cleaner should have some focus on cleaning the spikes in Read more