Take Time to Discover ChartSelect and FishSmart App Review

Here is the good news for anglers: Humminbird has released a new application for both iOS and Android gadgets which is called FishSmart.

In other words, you enable to observe something in the lake maps and buy other necessary maps from your smart devices as a piece of cake.

You have already used Navionics, but it is still great if you consider other products like ChartSelect and FishSmart. Stay tuned to read the ChartSelect and FishSmart App review!

An overview of the FishSmart App

Due to the new Humminbird FishSmart application, you may access their library to see lake maps and download practical latest programs automatically to your Humminbird account (control head).

In general, there are 2 methods to take maps to your FishSmart application. You enable to buy and download straightly from the application. The second way is that you ought to connect your application to your ChartSelect account by accessing to Settings -> Login -> Link to ChartSelect.

If you want to see your own maps, then you should touch Maps -> Owned -> Tap the Download icon. After inserting, you need to return to Maps and choose the lake you want to study. At that Read more