Take Time to Discover ChartSelect and FishSmart App Review

Here is the good news for anglers: Humminbird has released a new application for both iOS and Android gadgets which is called FishSmart.

In other words, you enable to observe something in the lake maps and buy other necessary maps from your smart devices as a piece of cake.

You have already used Navionics, but it is still great if you consider other products like ChartSelect and FishSmart. Stay tuned to read the ChartSelect and FishSmart App review!

An overview of the FishSmart App

Due to the new Humminbird FishSmart application, you may access their library to see lake maps and download practical latest programs automatically to your Humminbird account (control head).

In general, there are 2 methods to take maps to your FishSmart application. You enable to buy and download straightly from the application. The second way is that you ought to connect your application to your ChartSelect account by accessing to Settings -> Login -> Link to ChartSelect.

If you want to see your own maps, then you should touch Maps -> Owned -> Tap the Download icon. After inserting, you need to return to Maps and choose the lake you want to study. At that Read more

white tail

Deer Hunting with Some Top Brands RangeFinder

Most whitetail hunters use the rangefinder with laser technology nowadays. These rangefinder are very useful and make a lot of difference in hunting and bring many benefits. But there is a chance that it will not work, or you will lose it, forget it before going hunting. You should consider cheap rangefinder products as a backup plan. We are going to discuss yardsticks as best hunting rangefinders more traditionally (with help from

Even when everything works properly and you remember it, you still could find situations that using your laser rangefinder is not an option. For example, you would not be able to find the range to the deer before making a shot. Falling snow and pouring rain could interfere and make the reading harder.

The methods cheap rangefinders use is that you a point as a reference to vary the range in the featureless country out there.

If you are already a deer hunter, there is a chance you are already good at estimating the range. And it will never be a bad idea to practice that before going hunting. Even better, when you are familiar with a spot you have gone hunting several years, you will … Read more

Fox Hunting: Useful information you may need

Outfoxing cunning fox

Nowadays, the society could have a positive attitude to foxes, who are seen as smart and cute. A success of the film The Fantastic Mr.Fox may contribute to this. Also, the outlaw of fox hunting leads to the decrease of income in rural areas. It is not unbelievable that young foxes who learn hunting technique have killed and left a large number of poults. It is not a few of poults, this is a mass killing so hunting fox needs to be insufficient consideration of public in the countryside.

This is the time to know how to deal with this problem.

Caliber Conundrum

The choices for fox hunting are optional. Most centerfire rifles could kill the big as well as tiny predators humanely. The choice of this work does not depend on which is the best one but this comes from personal preference.

There are two popular rimfire calibers: the .17 HMR and the .22LR. The.17 HMR is more powerful and provides you more ranges. The .22LR especially useful in urban pest control. Many .22s are really correct in detail and they are able to do at sensible ranges.

Then we talk about centrefire territory where the Read more

Expecting Your Child to Shoot

Hunting with Your Kids: The Most Common Mistakes – Part One

Your kids will not want to go hunting again if you do not introduce them in a right way. Try to avoid those common mistakes as well as you can.

My two boys and I were expecting to our first ever turkey hunt. I’d imagined a peaceful, quiet morning in which we waited and caught the turkey that showed up. To prepare for this, I’d already had a long talk with them and explained to them what a prerogative our hunting was. I was pretty sure that they would be grateful for the opportunity that would behave to reflect it. I would, of course, exude my wisdom and patience, while passing on our family hunting hobbies, which is our treasured traditions, and imparting to them my knowledge about hunting.

Of course, I am just kidding.

In all honesty, our hunting trip went very badly and the one who was to blame was me. You could read more about our terrible hunting trip on my blog.

Once I know that I had a lot of mistakes, the director of communications for the QDMA – The Quality Deer Management Association, Mr. Thomas, has a lot of knowledge about going to hunting Read more