Currently, appear more and more adventurous sports on summer days. The story you are comfortable playing your best, but you should use protective items when playing these for hot weather days. In this article, we will introduce some of the sport.

1. Highwire

Can be viewed as one of the best new adventure game in the world recently. As a game, but the Highwire as a combination along with the sport of slalom. Because when playing the Highwire, you have to step over the small wood plank was forced on the cable or head hanging on the branches of trees to drapes. As goes away, then the level will be increased on a more difficult with many obstacles such as mesh, a wood bridge crossing the escalation ladder, hang in the air.

This game will probably spend your energy very much and sometimes makes you incredibly stressful, pressure when you’ve accidentally hands, slipped in the surface height 6 m. Although when participating you will be wearing protective equipment such as hats, belts, gloves, mattresses, pillows, etc but the pass was the pressure of the self is the most difficult and dangerous.¬†Each player is equipped with the tools of protection and also safety cable in best form, international safety standards. To play this game you have to be an ingenuity, focus, overcome the fear of disease. There are many levels and each level will be increasingly harder.

2. Tightrope

Also with the length, not least Highwire-Tightrope have total length is 560 m, is the rope free adventurous record “adventure rope the longest continuous liberal”. With cable system starting from the mountain, you will be hanging themselves on a long sliding cable on top of the mountain down. That means you will have hanging on the air, sliding slopes with high speed and sense of “tearing wind” every time through each of the old forests. Tightrope absolutely does not make you feel tired of campaigning much but will make you extremely stressful if not overcome a fear of heights.
You’ll get excited about Tightrope. When playing this game, many of you have associated the same rope scene of Tarzan, but it’s safe and sure multiple tools of protection and this is the cable rather than the “forest line”. You will be welcomed into the middle of the jungle.
The feeling of going through the big tree like Tarzan right? What about the feeling of hanging upside Woods? Interesting but you also should not try if not yet familiar with this game. The women also can join this game in a safe way.

3. Flyboard

Presence in the world for a few years, but with costs for each play from 130 dollars to more than 180 dollars for 1 time trial in 15 minutes and this is also the adventure games should at least players and known. But when mentioning the underwater adventure sports “Summit” for today, can Flyboard in the “top rated” top. Will soaring like a true Iron Man. The feeling of the sea world is really an extremely difficult description. Not simply flew up, which they sometimes also help you hover, tilt.

4. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is not new, it is important that you choose the form of climbing as to how and where to bring up strange new sensation. And now, climbing the steep cliffs in nature right next to the sea, or the wild mountains became the number one choice for those who love the sport.
Mountain climbing requires you to have a good health and are longtime training. This game sounded simple but very difficult and quite fussy about people. Because before joining, requires you to have an extremely toned body, good health, flexibility, preferred risk, not afraid of heights, but these things all need to have a long-term training process. However, if you can meet the criteria, you should try once to experience. The feeling itself to pass up on the mountaintop, rocking the surrounding views from on high, catch the wind and the sun and the sea really does not have anything by this.
Mountain Climbing

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