Doing Everything with Your Child

In the previous article, we have named five common mistakes could happen when you have your kids on your hunting trips. We will continue the discussion about the remaining mistakes in this article.

  1. Harsh Conditions

Harsh Conditions

Mr. Thomas said that sometimes the troubles are a part of your adventure. But if you decide to go hunting in a extreme cold weather, make sure that you have enough warm clothing for everyone and try to keep the trip as short as possible.

Thomas and his companions woke up in a temperature of 18 degrees on one of their first mornings in an annual son and father hunting trips. They decided to go hunting anyway, but they could only hunt for less than an hour.

When his kid started to feel too cold, they left and got back the camp. He admitted that the cold weather was one of the parts of your fun of the trip, but they did not want to extend it too far. Once the kids are not feeling the fun anymore, it is time to stop and go back. It is not worth it.

  1. Avoidable Failures in the Trips

Avoidable Failures in the Trips

Make your the kids have practiced enough with the gun or the bow they plan to shoot if you permit them to take a shot at an animal. Do not just put your bow in your kid’s hand and then fully expect her or him to have a decent shot.

Thomas warned us that nothing could ruin the hunting trips experience faster than a wounded animal. A typical hunter have that experiences often when they start to learn how to hunting, but it could be a disaster for your kid’s first hunting trips. Do everything you could to prevent it from happening. The likelihood of a successful shot will increase when your kid has her or his confidence with a bow or gun.

  1. Shaming or Ignoring

Shaming or Ignoring

No, you should not shame your kids and dismiss their feelings when your kids feel too much sadness once you kill an animal, or maybe even cry. Instead of shaming or ignoring your kids, validate her or his feelings. Use these opportunities to teach them about hunting can bring healthy and fresh meat to the table, contribute to the conservation and provide opportunities to enjoy nature.

  1. Doing Everything with Your Child

Doing Everything with Your Child

Let your child actively join in the preparation of the trips and others activities. Let her or him pick the hunting position, navigate using the compass or a map, prepare snacks and pack her or his backpack. Thomas likes to let his children blood trail when they shoot deer. He wants the opportunities that bring learning experiences for the kids. Some of them might be difficult, but he wants to let the kids struggle a bit. Everyone learns something through struggles. But make sure that your kid will have the help she or he needs.

  1. Forcing Too Hard Your Kids

Forcing Too Hard Your Kids

Do you force your kid to go hunting when they do not want to do it. It is totally okay. They will feel less passion and do not want to when they feel forced to do something. It is normal. Just stop and maybe your kids will ask to hunt with you later. If your kid does not want to go hunting when they are a teenager even though she or he enjoyed it, do not worry. There is a chance the will enjoy it again later in their youth.

So these are the most commonly made mistakes adults can make while going hunting with their kids. But I am pretty sure you could think of more. Be prepared and have fun while introducing your kids to the first hunting trips!

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