Several people think that golf is a passive sports game because the player does not have to run like other sports.

In fact, golfers also have to walk around the green course and use many skills to kick the ball to the right hole.

To make you feel much more comfortable, you should purchase the best golf shoes for walking. Do not just shopping around and select a random pair of shoes as you will have a big excuse!

Make a list of key considerations

1. Size

Of course, size is the most important factors in choosing shoes no matter you will wear it for a casual outfit or specific situations. In the green course, size always happens for all golfers. With wrong sizes, your feet will get sores and pains.

The size obviously influences on your final performance. So, check the size chart of a brand and see the true size of your foot. The size also is a couple with the model and the shape shoes you will wear on. Sometimes, the main material can control the final size.

My experience here is having them in the shop and walk around before deciding. In case you order from a shop online, you should find out their returning policies when dealing with the size issue.

2. Style

Although you can see several brands with models, they have 2 main styles only. With traditional models, they are more durable on the green course than high-end designs. Also, these are more stylish. Nonetheless, they do not offer comfort feeling after practicing.

The modern shoes, on the other hand, can make you feel cozy in every step you put. They have different models with many colors to choose from.

3. Comfort

Comfort is also a key concern when purchasing golf shoes. The shoes do not get pain or sores on your feet and heel while walking. The toe box is also wide enough for your toes can breathe. Each person has different foot shape. Some will have narrow feet while others get flat feet or wide feet. Comfort level also depends on the situation of a golfer and how they feel.

4. Flexibility and stiffness

Most golf courses are on rough surfaces and hilly grounds; you have to stay balanced on these to control your golf club as well as your performance.

Flexibility in a good pair of shoes has elasticity in the footwear to help foot controls the shoes. At the same time, the shoes also have solid construction to protect your feet while walking. This is an interesting shoe that everyone needs to find out.

5. Waterproof

A high-quality pair of shoe often has waterproof material. It makes sure that your feet stay dry all the time when playing in the wet grass condition or not. Your feet do not slide on the insole to avoid possible accidents on the course. This also makes you feel comfortable when you practice in the soggy or humid day.

6. Lacing system

In general, conventional shoelaces are still common in the golf shoes for walking. Nevertheless, there are many suitable options out there. Velcro things are now being made instead of lacing system by some producers for simple use. They are fast and easy to tie on and off when you hurry.

Another lacing system that you should know is the proprietary system. You may find this on ski boots which works very well with a higher price point. If golf is just a fun game after busy office works, do not buy these shoes with fancy lacing systems.

7. Weight

For those who practice on the course more than 2 hours, they will feel how heavy their feet are. So, if the shoes are also not lightweight, I cannot imagine how my feet and others withstand! It looks like our feet have to bring several rocks on the shoes or something like this!

Leather and synthetic materials are often light to get on with these. Be sure to identify how much the solve weighs because it ought to modify from shoe to shoe strongly.

Choose the golf shoes for the playing season in a year

If you are an advanced golfer, you will have to get experience in every terrain with different climate conditions.

You should be flexible in several shoes at your home and increase your selections. For instance, you should take the modern shoes with a breezy mesh. In the rainy days or wet seasons, put conventional spiked waterproof shoes on your golf bag.

Do I need to purchase golf sandals?

Is this the first time you hear golf sandals? Common, this is the third kind of shoe that you can see for golfing. They are made with breezy and cozy in hot seasons. However, please keep in mind that they do not have protection level like golf shoes.

General speaking, if you want to wear casual footwear and feel free about getting burns on your foot, golf sandals are your choices. Nevertheless, these should be used in casual practice on the green course only.

In all competitions, all golfers need to wear true golf shoes. Golf sandals are also not bad ideas when you want to walk around the city or you wear these to play golf with your friends for fun only.

Do I need shocks during the golf performance?

Yes, you need to wear socks at the same time. Why should you do that? This is because shocks enable to protect your ankles when the shoes can make scratch surrounding the ankle area.

You should choose the ankle high versions as these will avoid rubbing in the ankle areas to make you feel awful when walking. This is also the reason to make some wounds for your legs as it is becoming medical accidents.


Choose the golf shoes for walking as you are taking the walk shoes. Then, you put some specific golf regulations. It does not matter you select Spikeless or Spike shoes because you should feel comfortable with the right footwear you purchase.

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