Outfoxing cunning fox

Nowadays, the society could have a positive attitude to foxes, who are seen as smart and cute. A success of the film The Fantastic Mr.Fox may contribute to this. Also, the outlaw of fox hunting leads to the decrease of income in rural areas. It is not unbelievable that young foxes who learn hunting technique have killed and left a large number of poults. It is not a few of poults, this is a mass killing so hunting fox needs to be insufficient consideration of public in the countryside.

This is the time to know how to deal with this problem.

Caliber Conundrum

The choices for fox hunting are optional. Most centerfire rifles could kill the big as well as tiny predators humanely. The choice of this work does not depend on which is the best one but this comes from personal preference.

There are two popular rimfire calibers: the .17 HMR and the .22LR. The.17 HMR is more powerful and provides you more ranges. The .22LR especially useful in urban pest control. Many .22s are really correct in detail and they are able to do at sensible ranges.

Then we talk about centrefire territory where the can of worms begins shooting. Choosing a suitable foxing caliber requires knowledge and experience. If you like something flat, fast and furious, the 22-250 may meet all your requirements.

On the other hand, if you want to do deer stalking, you may need a larger foxing rifle. The .243 has different functions and could be loaded roughly 75g to produce fox killing ammunition. Moreover, with 100g ammunition, all deer species in the UK will be killed by this one.

The .308 will allow you to do evening stalk and go around for fox hunting purposes. You just have to take one rifle and do not need to leave your gun in a car. The 123g Sako ammo possibly helps you have a fast and nice flat shooting round that easily take fox and deer.

How to make an effective call

Some hunters believe that they use hands to imitate call by themselves istead of using electronic calls. I do not agree with this, I think that using electronic callers is more effective. I find that the Ecotec GC500  really useful. You can choose between different calls to find a suitable one in your environment. These callers are practical and useful for fox hunting either night time or daytime. You can use the call that when a fox hears this, it will respond to.

And to catch an old fox who does not want to be killed, just use a strange sound, a call that makes them pay attention.

Night vision for fox hunting

Improving night hunting vision is a great consideration for many years in Europe because many fox hunters want to increase their shooting successful rates.

It is lucky for me when I have a chance to use night vision of the incredible NiteSite units. The scope arranged NiteSite units exactly turn night into day, which provides a wide range up to around 100 meters. If using this with a Spotter unit, you do not need any lights because the ground is light enough.

And remember that you can not catch a fox when using a lamp, that fox will take consideration of this and you do not have an opportunity to catch him again.

Walk around or diesel stalk.

When hunting, you may wonder whether walking around in hunting place or drive give you a better result. This depends on how large of the hunting area. Some place are too big in size (over 3000 acres) so you do not have enough energy as well as time to go around this. In this situation, you need a truck and I think the Great Wall Steed is a good choice. You need to have a good preparation for the truck during hunting time. I have jacked up and lifted the truck with aggressive tires but provides it some characteristics of a jelly.

The Great Wall Steed can carry you around Europe during your hunting journeys with its all-terrain tires. It is really comfortable and does not cost much. Although the truck is sometimes down on towing power than other trucks, it has leather interior, air conditioner, and Sat Nav.

Sometimes you do not have to do predator patrol, you could do many things inside the truck.

Some foxes when hearing the sound of traffic will go away. Others may sit to wait or go around to see. However, they seem to be familiar with traffic sound.

Members of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt ride to Chiddingstone Castle for the annual Boxing Day hunt in Chiddingstone, south east England on December 26, 2014. Since a ban stopped fox hunting with hounds, hunts continued with dogs chasing down a pre-laid scented trail instead of a fox. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN – Tags: ANIMALS SOCIETY)


When hunting fox, remember to ensure that you shoot safe, in particular during night time. And I rule you can not forget is that NEVER shooting at eyes, identify your target fully and understand well the ground that you are in. You need to make sure that you know where that bullet that you shoot is going and shall you miss that fox, ALWAYS make sure that you have a backstop. Please pay attention to boggy areas, it is really bad if the truck is stuck in the mud. But it is even worse if you realize that you standing in the middle of nowhere at 3.00.

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