The Attraction And Drama of Formula One Racing
Referring to motorsport indispensable formula one racing. Formula One racing is a sport that is extremely attractive and amazing. It captivated millions of people worldwide. The first time it was organized a long time ago and the fierce competition from the teams that it has a huge and extremely attractive history. Especially in recent times, the development of machinery and technology enables more advanced vehicles makes the race more attractive than ever. Join us to learn about the interesting things are light.

1. The Competition of the Leading Motorsport Manufacturers 

The rise of Ferrari strong, positive signal from the “underdogs” in the race test in recently season at a couple of racing will promise exciting and dramatic when it kicks off the day of each year. There is an interesting thing that not everyone knows. That is 2016 is the longest season in F1 history when the riders will have to conquer 21 challenging races. In this year, Mercedes used cars with big improvements in speed, while Ferrari to change some technical features in the new model. That was enough to make fans expect a dramatic season.  Ferrari has to be counterbalanced by Mercedes? All viewer all the world will not know if the history will be changed or it will continue to let Ferrari down one more time
Ferrari is increasingly proved to be a challenger. In the last season, they won three races and win the stage times in the top end 3 more than in 2013 and 2014 combined. This shows that the Italian team is on track and growing gap with Mercedes.  Achievement of the Italian team in the classification stage is also significantly improved. On average, the season, the Ferrari’s steering wheel just 0.689 seconds less Mercedes. They create considerable pressure on the Mercedes at various times in 2015. Although still reveal many shortcomings, Ferrari always knew overcome in time.

2. The Outstanding Individuals

Nico Rosberg could beat Lewis Hamilton?

Last year, Nico Rosberg stood before great opportunities beat Lewis Hamilton but he broke down at the decisive moment and to Hamilton successfully defended the championship when the season is only three races. However, things may be different when in the race test in Barcelona, Hamilton is experiencing problems with the soft tires, while Rosberg’s performance much better than the last year.

Raikkonen will succeed?

Ferrari team had reason to rejoice when Kimi Raikkonen was on his way back to the top level search had helped him win the championship season 2007. In addition, the new model seems to fit over handlebars Finns the 2015 and 2014 models.  Also, in this season, Ferrari will have more choice of tires at each race. Previously, their riders, especially Raikkonen usually play well with the soft tires, so tire regulations choosing 3 instead of 2 in each stage as last season will create more favorable conditions for the race team from boot-shaped country.

The rest?

The racing team Williams, Red Bull and Force India have a certain progress compared to last season. Not long ago, Valtteri Bottas of Williams handlebars confirmed his team will be a formidable opponent in 2016 when they had resolved the problems of the wheel nut. Meanwhile, Red Bull continue to use Renault engines with significantly improved during the winter. Force India also are also best prepared for the changes in the new model to fit many types of track.  In the case of McLaren, they have resolved their biggest drawback is the hybrid engine and is looking forward to finding the position of former F1 world village.

3. The Change of Format Race Classification

– International Automobile Federation (FIA) decided to introduce grading formula racing immediately exclude stage curtain opening season at the Australian GP F1 2016.  As explained by the FIA, new forms of race classification still include 3 turns Q1, Q2, and Q3. In turn, the first class lasts 16 minutes, the slowest riders after the first 7 minutes will be disqualified and 6 other colleagues also turn to stop the game 1-minute cycle of 30 seconds until the black and white checkered flag being waved. The remaining 15 people will enter the 2nd grading turn lasts 15 minutes.
– As in Q1, the slowest seven riders after the first 6 minutes stop the game turn in Q2. Entering the classification decision plays lasted 14 minutes, the slowest 6 cars after the first 5 minutes and turn right back to the pit to cede the battle for the pole for 2 faces the most hard-headed. Racers won the first starting position in the official races will be the finish line when the checkered flag waved black and white, rather than the end time. The modalities are not many riders response.

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