In the first article, I have explained 3 mistakes among the most common mistake you might see people, especially beginners, making. They include buying very expensive equipment that you will not need for your beginning level, having no warm-up exercise before you start playing on the course and failing to show confidence. These mistakes can not only affect your overall performance but also affect you financially.
It is very important to have a better understanding of what these mistakes are in order to prevent them from happening and fix them as soon as possible.

Let’s continue to our list of other common mistakes in golf the beginners often make:

You Don’t Attend Classes

Like any other sport, you can go out on the field to play with other people and you will for sure know how to put the ball into the hole after 1 or 2 golf sessions.
However, without professional coaching, you might end up having bad postures and techniques. For example, it is very easy to hit the ball by swinging. Nevertheless, you might not know how to put much pressure on it so that the ball gets the biggest power when it comes in contact with the ball.
With no professional advice, you also seek help from your friends and other experienced golf players. And like everything on the Internet, some of the advice is true gold while some are totally helpless. You might just end up doing the wrong things all over and over again.

Not Practicing

Another mistake that many people, even experienced golfers can make is the lack of practicing. Just like warming up, proper practicing will help you to be more flexible later on in the game.
When you practice, you will learn to get the better feel and weight of the clubs, which can then help you to control it more effectively.  Also when you practice, you will have time to create a strategic plan for your game later on, which contributes a great deal to the overall outcome of the game.
Finally, pay attention to pitching and putting as they tend to be overestimated by many beginning golfers.

You Give Up Too Early

Golf is not an easy sport which you can learn in a short amount of time. You need to put in both effort and commitment in order to play the game well. So if you have some problems, just know that everybody else also is the beginner in golf at some point in their life.
In order to prevent yourself from feeling discouraged, set achievable small goals that you need to reach a certain amount of time. After reaching these small goals, you will feel better about yourself. And even before you can recognize it, your skills have been improved a great deal.
Here are some of the most common mistakes that a beginner might make when they play golf. These mistakes can be easily fixed once you are aware of them.
I hope that after reading my article, you will be able to identify your current problems as well as possible ones that you might have. It is very important that you can get rid of these mistakes so that you can improve your skills and enhance your performance in the game.
I assure you that with your hard work and firm knowledge you soon master the sport and have a lot of fun time in the future.

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