Here is the good news for anglers: Humminbird has released a new application for both iOS and Android gadgets which is called FishSmart.

In other words, you enable to observe something in the lake maps and buy other necessary maps from your smart devices as a piece of cake.

You have already used Navionics, but it is still great if you consider other products like ChartSelect and FishSmart. Stay tuned to read the ChartSelect and FishSmart App review!

An overview of the FishSmart App

Due to the new Humminbird FishSmart application, you may access their library to see lake maps and download practical latest programs automatically to your Humminbird account (control head).

In general, there are 2 methods to take maps to your FishSmart application. You enable to buy and download straightly from the application. The second way is that you ought to connect your application to your ChartSelect account by accessing to Settings -> Login -> Link to ChartSelect.

If you want to see your own maps, then you should touch Maps -> Owned -> Tap the Download icon. After inserting, you need to return to Maps and choose the lake you want to study. At that time, you might find out a certain mark. By doing this, it will open the Contour map on the console.


How about the map functions? It is one of the most accurate ones that you have ever seen before!

This is also a great application on a Humminbird device. You just need to touch the Settings -> Map Options menu. When taking the selection to draw attention to a deep range, this is the time to establish a water level neutralize with an extra shallow water surface strongly.

When you want to put a new way at a certain point, you should touch the screen a bit longer and a pin will appear. Furthermore, you ought to revise the name of the true point and add an a.gpx file in each to save an SD for using in the Humminbird gadget.

Here are a few features of the FishSmart Application that you should know:

Retrieve to High Definition Lake Maps on your smart devices and Humminbird controlling

For those who look for specific maps like the best freshwater, FishSmart supports you to buy a full contour map with nearly 2,000 necessary lakes naturally through the application. Also, you enable to see your lakes map in the FishSmart application or you enable to download your own lake maps to the Bluetooth on your smartphone (the HELIX G2N and the SOLIX monitor tools).

Capable of recognizing and do some new features on your monitor tool of the Humminbird

The FishSmart application helps you to realize new features if there are any new updates of the software suitable to your Humminbird devices. It also relies on the type of model you purchase, you ought to log in the update easily in the internal equipment of your Bluetooth (the HELIX G2N and SOLIX controlling tools).

GPS Available Exploration

It can identify your true location, speed, and other courses on the water. Apart from GPS Available Exploration, this feature is accessible in FishSmart via your smart devices immediately.

Database Planning Devices

With database planning tools, this is new programs in the FishSmart application to help you make a detailed plan about exact ways and roads to begin the fishing journeys for a while. It also helps you continue to track on the water surface, so you completely save your energies for other trips. It sounds cool, isn’t it?

Database Sharing Devices

FishSmart assists you to add or take important points in the way and roads in GPX format to share with other people or convey them to your Humminbird monitor tools.

Map Sharing

This is the only feature to help you use the Humminbird handle controlling and the FishSmart application at the same time. You do not have to buy another map. However, please keep in mind that this happens in the Humminbird FishSmart 2.0 version only!

What about the ChartSelect?

To use the ChartSelect, you should register your own account in advance. By doing this, you enable to use other great features in the FishSmart application.

Please note that this will not be a similar account of your account in the Humminbird. When you verify your account from your confirmation email, you completely open your account and begin your overall looking of the lake maps.

Moreover, you will need to access Store -> LakeMaster in order to purchase maps. This is a simple task to do as you type the lake name you want to view.

Or you enable to use the map to locate it. When you find out the red pin, click this sign and the layer selections on the right side immediately. There are some categories available that you can view:

HD Contours

This is the similar LakeMaster tool of the contour maps in your account of the Humminbird.


This can help you put the SmartStrike function on necessary devices with SmartStrike ability.

Aerial Photos

These will get satellite imagery of the related land. Sometimes, you can see several years available which could be helpful if your lake has slight water level adjustments.

2D Shaded Relief

This is a useful map which makes a 3D effect of the lake shapes. For instance, you can see the thumbnail on the right side.


This offers advancement change in the information. You are able to see details about how well the natural elements like creeks, marshes, and elevation changes (deceptions and other points).

Final Thoughts

Basically, the FishSmart application is a good tool that you should add in your bag along with your fishing tours (although the thongs are limited with HD Forms only). If your budget is available, you will need to buy the LakeMaster card. This is where you ought to see the whole region of maps after downloading. In case you wish to travel lots of different areas, you should bring the Navionics application along with this gadget.

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